Your food has a story. We build tools that allow you to understand it.

We believe that everyone should be able to access data that allows them to make more informed decisions about the products they purchase. Consumers can easily view information related to the product’s origin, physical journey, and date of creation of products being managed through our system.

For Consumers

Benefits of Nuclo's Traceability Experience

Customer Experiences

Product Journey

Explore the journey that a product took and the hands that it touched in order to reach you. The supply chain transparency is unprecented.

Food Freshness

Product Freshness

Easily understand how old the product that you are purchasing is and never again have to question the integrity of the suggested expiration date.

Secure and Immutable Data

Our emphasis on security allows us to provide users with tamper resistant data storage enabling  users to trust the information they see.

How it works


Certified Goods

Our customers track every stage of the journey of the good you are purchasing from the moment it is harvested to the moment you receive it. Unique QR codes are attached.

QR Code Tracking

Scan QR Code

You can scan the QR codes to verify the origin & authenticity of the product that you are purchasing. We store the data using methods that protect against record tampering.


Visualize Journey

When you scan the unique QR code on a product you are able to view the physical journey of the product you are scanning. See video, photos, and physical journeys.

Do you know a retailer or restaurant that would be interested in adding physical traceability and proof of origin to the products that they sell?


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